Imagine Being Intimately Connected to More People Who Know, Like, and Trust You...

They understand what you do and have an urgent need for your unique expertise. They’re eager to consume every piece of content that you release. And they’re excited to hear about any programs, courses, products or services you decide to offer, because they want your help...

...and they want to support you!

This engaged audience of true fans is an invaluable asset for your business. It makes it easy to increase your income, reduce your working hours, and best of all... help more people.

Because with this asset, you can...

  • Launch new projects — like courses, books, events, and more — and make sales immediately
  • Fill your client calendar quickly and keep it filled... and only work with better, high-paying clients (you can even choose to work with fewer clients and still grow your income)
  • Spread your message and share your vision with a much broader community... and support them using your unique gift
  • Work fewer hours or take time off whenever you want... while feeling 100% secure because you know your audience will be there when you return
  • Rest easy knowing that you have more financial freedom, because boosting your income is as easy as writing a few emails

As you’ll soon find out, all of this and more is possible for you...

And as a coach, consultant, trainer, therapist, or expert with a message to share and the drive to help others, your greatest asset can — and will — be your audience!

Why Email is Still #1...

Once you’ve attracted an audience, the #1 way to communicate with them is through email. It allows you to reach them directly, and it allows you to own your list of subscribers (rather than keeping it on someone else’s platform).

But people’s inboxes are more crowded than ever. And the emails they get are more aggressive than ever too... whether they sell fitness programs or underwear, every company stuffs their emails with attention-grabbers and sales tricks.

With all that going on, how can we hope to build a community through our list and get the engagement and conversions we need?

In a moment I’ll show you how... because it’s still very possible to connect with your subscribers and get opens, clicks, and sales.

You just need to change the way you think about email marketing.

In fact, there are a lot of misconceptions about it that hold people back, like:

  • What if you consider yourself to be a “private person” and aren’t sure if being in your audience’s spotlight will suit you?
  • What if you dislike using social media?
  • What if you feel overwhelmed and have no clue where to start?
  • What if you’re not sure the value you have to offer will work for an audience business?
  • What if you’re not even sure what that value is yet?

Here’s the thing... all of these concerns are normal, and none of them indicate that you can’t have a profitable audience business. In fact, you can build one in a matter of months, not years, even if you share all of the concerns above!

You just need your own personalized system to do it.

And I know that’s true because I’ve helped thousands of people from every niche you can think of overcome these problems and build their own audience-based dream businesses.

And before that, I did it myself.

Attract Your Audience, YOUR Way...
Just By Being Yourself

Linda Claire Puig

My name is Linda Claire Puig, and I help small business owners attract and nurture engaged audiences — so they can earn more money and free up their time for the things that matter most to them.

Today I’m known for having an enthusiastic, profitable audience that supports my business while I enjoy months of travel and adventure. But when I first started building my list, I felt lost.

Initially, I followed list-building advice from the big marketing gurus.

I posted on social media and I filmed videos and I sent stiff, formal emails to my list. But I didn’t like what I was doing. It felt unnatural and inauthentic and too transactional.

So I finally decided to throw out all that wrong-for-me advice and figure out what was right for me.

  • I leaned into my natural strengths of being a journalist and artist — and let that part of me shine!
  • I figured out how to communicate with my audience in a way that felt authentic for me — and generous towards them.
  • And I learned how to center my audience on the right people, so I could focus on serving them well.

I prioritized giving MY WAY, without expecting anything in return..

And when I did, everything changed.

I attracted my ideal audience — and I discovered that I loved engaging with them!

Audience-building and nurturing became fun and rewarding, because I was connecting authentically and I was attracting people who truly wanted my help.

Freedom Following

And my business took off. My income increased, I worked less, and I attracted new clients effortlessly.

And with that extra time and money, I was finally free to live life on my terms: I lived in Italy for six months, learned to tango in Argentina, nursed my mother as she recovered from knee surgery, stayed super-present in my son’s life as he grew up... and so much more.

At last, I had cracked the code on how to attract My Audience, MY Way.

And since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people to build their own customized Audience-Attraction Plans — attracting THEIR audiences THEIR way.

Now I’ll help you do the same.

Karol Ward

“I started out not questioning the why. I really needed the ‘how to,’ that's what I wanted. I was very frustrated with like, how do I take my material, my expertise, and move it forward? What surprised me is what I was missing in terms of the nuts and bolts.... So I have really appreciated how generous and methodical you've been about giving information and also that reassurance along the way.”

Anne Ryan

"We're putting together the plan that you gave us so that we are ready to go — our freebie and all of the backend stuff is done.... It's just been phenomenal."

Maria Cook

"This was such a great decision. I love the depth and pace and just the step-by-step nature of it. And I think the thing that's helped me the most is really feeling like this is all possible. This is down to earth. I don't have to be enormously talented or special or have some great gift. I mean, I just have to have a passion and something that I feel will make a difference for people and a desire to make that difference and a willingness to keep going, doing the step by step work. And that feels attainable for me. I've got this."

How to Build Your Audience YOUR Way

As my audience grew and I saw more success (and had more fun), people started asking me to teach them what I’d learned.

At first, I hesitated. I worried that what worked for me wouldn’t work for others. (After all, I had to throw out everyone else’s advice in order to create a system that worked for me in the first place!)

But as I coached other business owners and service providers, I started to see that each one of them had a superpower that made it natural for them to connect with their audience in specific ways. In fact, I discovered that almost everyone fell into one (or two) of six different Audience-Attraction Archetypes:

  • Talents shine in the spotlight and are naturals on camera — so they gravitate toward video and interviews.
  • Hosts gather people together and start conversations — they love being on summits and podcasts, along with platforms such as Clubhouse.
  • Organizers love to create groups and organize ideas — like using Pinterest and creating summits.
  • Artists are drawn to creative projects — they love joint ventures and creative platforms like Instagram.
  • Journalists like getting people to share their stories — and they enjoy guest blogging, podcasting and hosting summits.
  • Connectors enjoy “matchmaking” like-minded people — they gravitate to joint ventures, LinkedIn and giveaways.

Over and over, I’ve seen that when business owners lean into their Audience-Attraction Archetype, their audience-building efforts take off.

Because once you know your Archetype, you quickly discover what works for you. You begin to connect with your audience in ways that feel natural and fun. You can stick to just a one or two simple audience-building strategies — because that’s all you need.

And as your new audience flows onto your list, you...

Build Know, Like and Trust With Your Own Authentic Nurture Strategy

When you look at the thousands of marketers out there creating content and promoting themselves, it almost seems like they’re “celebrities.” As if they relish the attention and thrive in the spotlight.

That can make it seem like building an audience isn’t plausible for you if you’re an introvert, or you prefer to be more private.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I can still remember how my hand shook as I reached for the send button on my very first email newsletter to about 200 people. I was an introverted journalist, and the last thing I wanted to do was expose myself to the inboxes of a bunch of strangers.

Fast forward to now, I have a responsive international audience and have made millions from creating all sorts of value for them.

Once I learned how to share myself authentically — knowing what to share and how, and what to keep private — not only did my audience start engaging, replying, and buying... but I started to enjoy writing to them!

And I’ve seen this play out over and over again, as I’ve helped thousands of introverts and extroverts to do the same.

You don’t have to relish the spotlight. You just need to develop a voice that feels right for you, and learn an approach to email that actually works: a balance of value-first, authentic messaging and persuasive copy that converts.

Because your courses, your programs, and your offers are valuable... but you need to present them in a way that shows that to your readers, and motivates them to take the actions they need to take (which might be to accept your offer!).

Which brings me to...

How Monetize Your Audience For Freedom...
Without Ever Turning Off Your Fans

As a coach, consultant, or other service professional that works with clients 1-to-1, your income is dependant on your presence. To earn more, you have to work more hours or charge higher prices.

No matter how you look at it, you have a ceiling over your earning potential... unless you adopt 1-to-many offers.

These could be group programs where you provide your service to many clients at once. But they could also be membership programs that provide steady revenue. Or courses and “done for you” products that you build once, and they continue to serve your clients indefinitely.

Even if you think it’s impossible to create 1-to-many offers for YOUR business or niche, I promise you can. I’ve worked with every niche you can think of, and it’s possible to build a catalog of 1:many offers in all of them.

And with your new authentic voice, you’ll know exactly how to promote them — as often as you want — without ever bothering or turning off your subscribers.

Now, there’s one catch with all this...

My system is not for anyone who wants to “hustle 24/7” or switch to the latest lead-gen method every time something new appears on the scene.

Instead, this approach involves taking an honest look at your own strengths and preferences, and laying out a simple, repeatable system for building, growing and maintaining a thriving audience business.

And I’llhelp you find the best way for YOU to build YOUR Audience YOUR Way — including the coaching and accountability to make it happen.

Simple as that. :-)


Freedom Following

Attract Your First (or Next) 1,000 Enthusiastic Followers With More Ease and Fun

Your Audience, YOUR Way is designed to help you set up your own simple, enjoyable, customized system for building a responsive audience of loyal fans.

This 16-week online training and coaching program meets you wherever you are (even if you’re starting from scratch). We’ll cut through the chaos, find the best way for YOU to reach and serve the perfect audience for YOUR business, and start building and nurturing your ideal audience YOUR way.

  • You’ll discover how to identify the overlap between what your (potential) audience needs and how you can best serve them.
  • You’ll figure out the best way to find your people, attract their attention, help them, and nurture your following over time.
  • And you’ll get all the training, support, and accountability you need to add at LEAST 1,000 subscribers to your list...guaranteed.

You’ll know exactly what to do — and you’ll start doing it (and getting real results) during our time together.

Julia Stege

“I was stuck in Low List Land for years before I met Linda Claire Puig. My list only grew by a few dozen to a hundred names in a year, and my income had plateaued at 5 figures. Linda had told me that growing my list would be the key to a 6-figure business, and boy was she right! My list more than doubled and my income took a huge leap just by joining her giveaway three years in a row and having a smart follow-up sequence afterward. I now use giveaways and telesummits as a primary list-building strategy on my way to multiple 6 figures.”

Michele Scism

"Linda Claire Puig is a genius when it comes to list building strategy. I hired her to design a giveaway for my company and have to say that her detailed strategy, documents, and systems are the reason it is working so well. Thanks, Linda – you rock!"

Kendall SummerHawk

"Thank you, Linda, for first inspiring us, then consulting to show us exactly HOW to grow our list by over 10,000 people! Your advice and expertise are priceless and you make the process simple, fun, and easy."

An Audience-Building System
that Works for YOU

Your Audience, YOUR Way is a comprehensive program that simplifies audience-building to its key elements. You’ll lay the foundations you’ll need to succeed and discover how to easily design and execute your own, personalized system for attracting your ideal audience.

And you won’t just build an audience in this program... you’ll build an audience business.

That means you’ll:

  • Discover your internal blocks — like imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, and doubt — and overcome them, so you can engage your following whole-heartedly and make offers without hesitation
  • Identify the best audience for YOUR business, so you can attract passionate fans who are eager to invest in your products and programs
  • Develop a simple, customized system based on your Audience-Attraction Archetype for adding subscribers to your list, so you have an easy, repeatable way to find and connect with future loyal fans
  • Discover how to leverage your Audience-Attraction Archetype, so you find the audience-building process fun, natural, and enjoyable
  • Develop your authentic voice and improve your email skills so you know what to write, how often to send, when to give freely, how to present your offers, and everything in between
  • Create a plan to serve and help your audience at every stage of your relationship, so your interactions are always valuable, generous, and authentically you
  • Craft your lead capture system, complete with freebies, landing pages, and follow up nurture emails — so you can add people to your audience without adding more work to your plate
  • Jump-start your ideal audience (or grow your existing list), so you can start leveraging your audience right away
  • Build a variety of offers so you can easily monetize your audience and boost your income, control your own hours, and set yourself free (there’s an entire section of the program devoted to this topic)

Whether you’re starting from scratch...or you have a tiny list that just won’t grow...

Whether you have an unresponsive list that needs some more love and attention...or you’ve been working hard at list-building only to see achingly slow results...


...Your Audience, YOUR Way will help you jumpstart your list growth, build momentum, and attract an engaged audience that produces more income, more flexibility, and more freedom for you and your business.

Get Everything You Need for Fast, Consistent Progress

Your Audience, YOUR Way includes all the training, support, accountability, and coaching you need to take fast action and start getting results quickly:

  • 16 weeks of video trainings, with lifetime access, so you have all the instruction and details you need at your fingertips
  • Step-by-step guides showing you the simplest way to get quick results with the most common audience-building methods — including Facebook, Clubhouse, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, giveaways, joint venture partnerships, podcasts, and others — so you have what you need to create and implement YOUR custom list-building plan
  • Targeted “Action Assignments” to keep you on track and focused on your highest leverage opportunities
  • Exclusive worksheets, templates, and done-for-you content, so you can quickly and easily create the content you need to attract, nurture, and promote to your audience
  • Two Coaching Calls per month for an entire year, so you can ask questions, get support, share wins, and swiftly overcome any roadblocks in your path

What You’ll Learn

Your Audience, YOUR Way covers the five key steps to building your own ideal audience based on what works for you — from laying the right foundations, to building your list, to monetizing your new audience.

Step 1


In this first step you’ll explore what you have to give, and identify the audience that matches your talents, your interests, and your values. (It’s often hiding right in front of you, and applying my simple process helps you see it!)

Module 1: The Magic of a Freedom Business

Find out what’s really possible with an ideal audience, and get clear on what freedom looks like for you and your business. In this module we’ll explore how giving freely to others will facilitate the freedom you desire in your own life, and how you can break through any internal roadblocks holding you back.

Module 2: Your Ideal Audience

Deep dive into your ideal audience! By the end of this module, you’ll understand exactly what they want, what they need, where they are right now, and how you can help them.

Module 3: Your Path to Freedom

Explore your own gifts, identify what you can offer your audience, and discover your personal marketing strengths and assets so you can grow your business by focusing on what you do best.

Step 2


In this step, you lay the key foundations for attracting and nurturing the right audience for you and your business. That means setting up your technology, creating your opt-in freebie and landing pages, and developing a nurture sequence that welcomes new subscribers to your community and provides great value.

Module 4: Your Audience-Attracting Opt-in Freebie

Don’t have an opt-in freebie yet? You’ll create a compelling, value-laden gift that you can offer to all new subscribers. Already have an opt-in? That’s great! I’ll help you make another one to bring even more new subscribers into your world. In this module, you’ll discover how to easily create a gift that your audience truly wants — and how to make sure it delivers on your promises.

Module 5: Making Your Freebie Irresistible

This is tech set-up made easy. Follow my simple recommendations and demonstration videos to create the infrastructure you’ll need to capture leads, deliver your freebie, and follow up with new members of your audience. You’ll create an irresistible landing page to offer your freebie. And you’ll hook that page up to an email service provider, so you can keep in close contact with new list members. (Don’t worry, I’m going to make this process super easy for you.)

Module 6: Follow-Ups That Build Trust and Loyalty

Continue to build relationships and audience engagement with regular autoresponder emails and “give” activities, like freebies, webinars, and other free offers. Learn how to write emails that make your free gifts compelling — and how to follow up with audience members, so they get the most from the gifts you send them.

Step 3


In this step, we start growing your audience — yep, right away! You’ll learn the basic principles for attracting new subscribers to your list, and develop an attraction plan that’s customized to your strength, interests, and values. Then you can start enrolling subscribers right away, and discover how to accelerate your list-building in the coming weeks and months.

Module 7: Partnering for Success

It's never too early to work with partners. In this module you’ll learn how to get started with joint venture activities and grow your list — even if your audience is still teeny tiny.

Module 8: Gaining Traction With List-Building Events

Learn the ins and outs of multi-person events, why they’re so effective, and how you can make them work for you (no matter what size your list is).

Module 9: Webinars With Friends

Get to know how joint venture webinars work on the inside, and how you can use them to provide useful free content while also earning revenue and growing your list. You’ll even get handy email templates to help you promote your webinar.

Module 10: List-Building With Social Media

Discover 5 key ways social media can help you find and grow your Freedom Following. In this module you’ll learn exactly when and how using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube makes sense for you and your business (and when it doesn’t).

Step 4


In this step, you’ll finally learn how to connect easily and naturally with your audience — and have fun doing it! You’ll find your voice, get comfortable communicating with your audience, and learn how to write engaging emails that spark audience interest and build loyalty.

Module 11: Nurturing Authentic, Profitable Relationships

Learn the basics of nurturing relationships by giving of yourself, including how generosity grows your email subscriber list, and how giving freely to list members can boost loyalty, deepen relationships, and foster an engaged, committed audience.

Module 12: Email Nurture that You’ll Love to Do

Find the joy in writing nurture emails — ones that your audience will love to open, read, and save. In this module you’ll discover how to make writing fun and easy, so that you actually look forward to communicating with your list.

Module 13: Finding Your Voice

Learn how to find your voice and create connection by sharing more of your personality, your thoughts, and stories from your personal life. Discover how to be open and honest without oversharing or undermining your authority.

Step 5


In this final step, you’ll create offers your audience can’t resist! You’ll learn how to monetize your Freedom Following, free up your time, and increase your income — and serve your audience better while you do.

Module 14: Paid Offers Your Audience Will Love

Discover all the ways you can serve your audience better with paid offers... and how to know which kinds of offers will work best for you.

Module 15: Great Emails that Get Sales

Learn how to write promotional emails that feel helpful and valuable to your audience — and how to make offers your list will be thrilled to purchase.

Module 16: Growing Your Freedom Business

Now it’s time to scale up your audience-building efforts, increase your reach, and enjoy a true Freedom Business. This module shows you how to make it happen!

Plus, You Get TWO Special Bonuses...

Bonus #1:

An All-Access Pass for the Blowing Up Summit

Did you already purchase an All-Access Pass during the Blowing Up Summit? If so, once you sign up for Your Audience, YOUR Way I’ll refund you the full amount that you paid — whether that was the full price of $197 or the pre-summit sale price of $97.

And if you DIDN’T purchase an All-Access Pass, you’ll get one for FREE when you join the program today! Which means you’ll lock in lifetime access to all 40 of the Blowing Up Summit interviews. Every one of the strategies covered will be at your fingertips, so you can revisit them for a refresher, or you can dive into a new strategy as your needs change.

Plus, the All-Access Pass includes an easy-to-browse ebook, with every one of the action plans compiled to make it easier to apply the strategies in YOUR business.

It’s the perfect compliment to follow what you’ll accomplish inside Your Audience, YOUR Way... since you’ll be building the kind of audience that empowers every one of these strategies!

Bonus #2:

One Year’s Worth of Nurturing Content FREE

As you go through Your Audience, YOUR Way, you will need to communicate with your new followers and subscribers in a way that feels fun and easy for you — and engaging to your audience.


And it can take a while to get in a rhythm of writing content, especially if you’re not used to doing it. So I’m including a 24-pack of done-for-you articles that you can send high-value newsletters to your audience right away.

They’re strategically written for audiences and niches like yours, by professional writers who understand you and your readers. If you start sending a newsletter every two weeks, that’s a whole year’s worth of content ready to go!

These high-quality pre-written articles normally go for $997 — but if you enroll now, you’ll get them for free..

Get Your First 1,000 List Members — Guaranteed

Your Audience, YOUR Way is intensely practical and results-oriented.

That means that if you follow my instructions, ask for help when you need it, and execute consistently, you will create a simple, customized list-building system that WORKS.

You’ll begin building your list during the program — so you’ll be able to test your system, get comfortable using it, and be well on your way to building an enthusiastic, engaged audience that can set you free!

You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it, now and in the future.

So how big a list can you expect to create?

If you hit the ground running and get your foundations in place quickly, you can easily build a list of 1,000+ people during the 16-week program.

And 1,000 people is an important milestone.

Why? Because that’s the point at which your list starts truly producing the freedom you’ve dreamed of.

With a list of 1,000 engaged followers, you can...

  • Launch a new course or a coaching program and expect to fill it with ease.
  • Participate in more multi-person events, summits, and giveaways to grow your audience further, faster.
  • Work with joint venture partners so you can earn commissions while sharing something valuable with your list.

Once you have your first 1,000 people, it’s astonishingly easy to get the next 1,000...the next 5,000...and the next 10,000.

In other words, 1,000 list members is the tipping point at which your existing business becomes a Freedom Business.

And that’s why I guarantee that you’ll add AT LEAST 1,000 people to your list using what you learn in this exclusive program.

But, while you can absolutely begin building your list during the 16 weeks of this program, I know that not everyone is in a position to lay their foundations so quickly. If you’re brand new to this kind of work, you may need a little more time to figure out your ideal audience, create your freebie, and set up the technology you’ll need.

That’s why my guarantee is good for an entire year! And it’s why you won’t risk a single penny by giving my Your Audience, YOUR Way program a chance to work for you. I’ll even give you double your money back if you follow through with it and the program doesn’t deliver for you!.

Your "1,000 Followers or DOUBLE Your Money Back" Guarantee

If you complete Your Audience, YOUR Way and implement the list-building plan you develop in the course, I guarantee that you’ll add at least 1,000 new subscribers to your email list within the next year. If you don’t, I’ll refund double your investment in the program.

To be eligible for this guarantee, you must do the work, request help when you need it, and follow the advice and suggestions I provide. That means:

  1. Within your first six months, you’ll create all the list-building foundations I teach during the program
  2. For at least six months, you’ll dedicate time each week to executing the customized list-building system you develop. If you’re not on track to meet your goals, you’ll reach out to me early and follow my suggestions.

“I offered a special this weekend on a product I have had out for quite some time, but hasn’t sold too well. The response has been fabulous! As of 9 pm this evening, I have officially made all of my investment back from this training!”

— Amethyst Mahoney


“If I hadn’t signed up for your course I would still be telling clients that they needed to do a newsletter and the importance of the list etc., and not walking my talk...You transformed my knowledge of how to go about it and for that I really thank you so much. I know that this will transform my business as it is the tool for communication and getting to know my peeps and building a tribe of my own. You are a complete star, Linda.”

— Susie Briscoe

What Does “Freedom” Mean to You?

Imagine how you'll feel one year from today, when your email list is 1,000+ subscribers strong, and growing every day.

Your audience is engaged, loyal, and eager to join the programs you offer. Over the past year, you’ve participated in several joint ventures and group events, each of which has brought in more followers and more revenue.

When funds are low or you have extra time in your schedule, you can fill your client calendar with a single email to your audience.

Perhaps you’ve even begun to monetize your list in new ways — launching your own products and programs that are now producing passive income. You’re making more money than ever before, for work that feels inspiring and satisfying.

You’re feeling creative, confident, and excited about your business...


...and the best part is, you’re working less than ever. Meaning:

  • Your schedule is flexible, so you can say “yes” to new invitations and new opportunities.
  • An old friend comes into town, and it’s no trouble to drop everything and spend some quality time with them.
  • Your partner treats you to a surprise luxury getaway — and you can easily rearrange your schedule so you can enjoy every second.
  • Your first grandchild is born, and you’re free to spend a month or two helping out the parents and spoiling the new baby.
  • You have time for all those hobbies and interests that used to get sidelined — so you’re enjoying your free time and feeling more inspired than ever.
  • You can always take some downtime when you need it, so you stay energized and creative, instead of getting wiped out and burned out.
  • You have the freedom to make big changes like traveling full-time for a year, spending the winter in a cozy ski cabin, or moving to a new country for six months...or simply jet off on that dream vacation you’ve been waiting to take for years!

Your entire business is now set up to facilitate your freedom — giving you the income, stability, flexibility, independence, and time to live exactly the life you desire.

What would it be worth to live that life? To have that business?

For most people, it would be invaluable.

And that’s why, to get there, many business owners will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on business coaching and marketing courses. They’ll join paid groups and masterminds. They’ll spend countless hours — even years — trying to get to that level of freedom.

Unfortunately, you can’t get there by trying everything and anything (even though your open-mindedness is a wonderful asset). And you can’t get there by buying your way into the biggest mastermind...or by just working longer hours.

The only way to get there is to develop a plan that fits your business, your goals, and your personality. That’s exactly what Your Audience YOUR Way can do for you.

Your Audience YOUR Way can show you the path, and help you finally create the freedom you desire...gently, without having to push yourself to pursue tactics that aren’t aligned with you.

And it won’t cost tens of thousands of dollars, like some of the insanely expensive masterminds out there. It won’t even cost $5,000, like many group coaching programs do. In fact, you won’t even have to pay $2,000, which is pretty common for an online course with this high level of personal attention.

Instead, you can get access to the entire Your Audience YOUR Way for just $997 (or 12 payments of $117).

And best of all, this is guaranteed to work. If you put in the effort and reach out for help when you need it, I won’t let you fail.

You risk nothing, thanks to my “1,000 Followers or DOUBLE Your Money Back" Guarantee — yet you have so much to gain.

If you’re committed to creating this freedom for yourself, then this is your opportunity.

Don’t miss this chance to build the life you truly desire.


And Build a Freedom Following that Will Grow Your
Business and Set You Free for Life’s Adventures

(SAVE $407)

Join Now


Join Now

Have Questions About
Your Audience, YOUR Way??

Here are answers to the questions people most often ask me about the program:

What results can I expect from this program?

That depends a lot on you! At a bare minimum, if you follow along with the16 week training, you’ll develop your personalized list-building plan, create the foundations for your list-building efforts (including making a freebie, setting up a landing page, and setting up your email service provider), create your starter list, and begin implementing your plan.

If you hit the ground running, you can easily add 1,000+ new people to your list during the 16-week program. After that, the sky’s the limit!

But even if you want to take things slower, you can get a lot done in 16 weeks. You’ll have created and tested a list-building plan, so you’ll know exactly what to do next. And you’ll get comfortable with (and excited about) growing and engaging your list.

If you do the work, you’re guaranteed to add at least 1,000 people to your list within the next year. But if you participate actively in the program, take action consistently, and follow your plan — you’re likely to grow your list by far, far more than 1,000 people.

(And remember, once you have the first 1,000 people on your list, you’ll be able to offer new products and fill new programs... which will bring in extra revenue, free up more time, and open up lots of possibilities for your business growth.)

How do I know this will work for me?

There are three reasons to trust that Your Audience, YOUR Way can help you build an audience that can set you free:

  1. You’ll learn how to create a customized audience-building system that works for YOU. I’ll help you find the list-building methods that fit your personality, your interests, your desired audience, and your goals. And then I’ll show you the simplest, most straightforward way to make those methods work for you. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it — without overwhelm and without sinking hours into activities or platforms that you just don’t enjoy.
  2. You’ll get coaching and accountability to help you implement everything you learn. You don’t need to worry about getting off track, falling behind, or learning a lot of useless theories. You’ll learn concrete skills, and you’ll practice them during our time together.
  3. This approach has already worked for hundreds of other business owners and service providers. I’ve been teaching people how to build and nurture audiences for more than a decade now — and everyone who does the work, acts on my feedback, and executes persistently sees success.
Can I REALLY build an audience without using any social media?

Yes, you REALLY can. I’ve done it, and I’ve helped hundreds of other business owners to do it, too. Social media gets a lot of attention, but there are plenty of other ways to build your following — even if you’re starting from scratch.

What if I WANT to use social media?

That’s great! I’ll show you where to focus your time and attention, so you leverage your efforts and get results faster.

What if I’m starting from scratch?

Absolutely not a problem. Your Audience, YOUR Way works no matter your list size, even if it’s zero. You’ll identify your ideal audience, spend some time getting to know them deeply, and discover how to connect with them. I’ll even show you how to build your starter list in a single afternoon.

What if I already have a list?

Then you got a head start! :) If you have a small list, a list that’s not growing as quickly as you’d like, or a list that you haven’t been engaging consistently, then Your Audience, YOUR Way can help. I’ll show you how to get your audience-building efforts firing on all cylinders, so you’re adding (and keeping) lots of new, loyal followers.

What about the technology? What will I need?

You’ll need an email service provider and a landing page. You’re free to use any platforms you like, but I will also recommend simple and affordable options.

What if I’m not good with technology?

The technology you’ll need is user-friendly, and I’ll walk you step-by-step through the basics of the set up. But running a location-independent online business is a lot easier when you understand the basics of your business technology — and that means being willing to experiment, practice, and learn new skills.

That said, you definitely don’t have to do everything yourself. I can recommend good virtual assistants who can take care of initial system setup, run the system day-to-day, or both.

What are the program dates?

On January 2, 2023, you’ll get access to the 16-week course modules. Then, the first live coaching call will be on January 11, 2023. Plus, after you’ve gone through the 16-week training, you’ll continue to have 2 coaching calls per month until December 27, 2023, to help you keep moving forward and continue growing your audience.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

Not to worry! All the coaching calls will be recorded and posted in Your Audience, YOUR Way member's area for you to review at your convenience.

How does the guarantee work?

If you complete Your Audience, YOUR Way and implement the list-building plan you develop in the course of the program, I guarantee that you’ll add at least 1,000 new subscribers to your email list within the next year. If you don’t, I’ll refund double your investment in the program.

To be eligible for this guarantee, you must do the work, request help when you need it, and follow the advice and suggestions I provide. That means that:

  1. Within your first six months, you’ll create all the list-building foundations I teach during the program.
  2. For at least six months, you’ll dedicate time each week to executing the customized list-building system you develop during the program.
  3. If you’re not on track to meet your goals, you’ll reach out to me early and follow my suggestions.
  4. You’ll submit a brief weekly check-in to keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you’re having any trouble.

So Right Now You Have a Choice...

You can take advantage of the opportunity Your Audience, YOUR Way offers you, and build your own audience of loyal, engaged fans. This is the best and fastest way to set yourself free — to free up more time, more revenue, more energy, and more creativity, so you can throw yourself into all the adventures life holds for you.

Or you can keep doing what you’ve been doing, feeling “stuck” no matter what you try (or not even knowing where to start), and your business will continue more or less as it has been.

If you’re like most small business owners and service providers, that means you’ll continue delaying some of the things you really want — whether that’s more adventure, more travel, more relaxation, more visits to family and friends, or more time to pursue your passions.

The choice is yours.

If you want to stop delaying and start living the life you truly desire... where you have the time, money, and freedom to indulge your passions, pursue new adventures and live the life of your dreams...

...then take the first step toward more freedom, and join the Your Audience, YOUR Way today.


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